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How to Purchase

With the following email feedback form we will be able to understand your ideas, likes, and stone information. If you did not find anything in the Album or Library that you like, please fill out the form in addition to sending us a picture or drawing, and we will be happy to work with you to find a pleasing selection.  After receiving your form, we will then provide you with the price for finishing your jewelry, including the mounting, stone setting, sizing, etc.

When you're ready, you will receive an order form that confirms the details. This includes size, style, gold karat, cost of your selection, and estimated schedule for completion, as well as the cost of insured shipping and handling.

Your payment can be made by check or major credit card.  Completed items can be delivered UPS or U.S. mail to your choice of home or work.  Shipment usually takes 6-10 weeks and all setting work is backed up with our No Hassle Money Back Guarantee.

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After visiting the Album or Library
we can help you make a decision.
Please complete the following email feedback form.
(Email address is required.)

1. Contact information:
   First Name  Last Name 
   Email address  (**Required**)
   Telephone Number:
   Street Address 1 
   Street Address 2 
   City   State/Province 
   Zip/Postal Code   Country  
2. Preference Number: 
   (Examples - in Album, EAEJ740b or in Library, MEJ0007)
3. Style from the Library: 
   (Examples - Estate, Marquise, Filigree)
4. Gold Color: Green Pink Yellow White
   Click Here to See Color Examples!
5. Finger Ring Size: 
6. Your Gemstone:
   Shape or Cut 
7. Specific Requests and Comments:

Helpful Hints
(All Optional)

  • Photocopy your hand and stone.  We strive to make it "your ring" by considering size and proportion when making suggestions to you.
  • For earrings or pendants, a photograph can help us find what compliments your hair or neckline.
  • Send a picture or drawing of something similar to your idea if you do not find it in our selection.
  • Order our 4-piece gem kit.  It contains:
    1. Finger size plate (2 1/2 to 14)
    2. Stone tweezers
    3. Measuring calipers showing both inches and millimeters
    4. A stone chart showing the most common size and cut of gemstones

    Order your gem kit for only $19.95, including shipping and handling.  Please send check or money order to:

    Estate Jewelers of NJ
    P.O. Box 256
    Haddonfield, NJ 08033-0218

  • Email us at


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